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Monday, April 1, 2024

MICROSOFT EXCEL & ACCESS For Beginners and Pros 2024





MICROSOFT EXCEL & ACCESS For Beginners and Pros 2024

Author(s): Charles Sherer

Year: 2024

If you are passionate about learning how to operate Excel and Access 365 amazingly but do not have enough knowledge or you have no knowledge on how to go about it, you are lucky to come across this book, because it will take you from fundamental to professional level with theory and practical that can help you master Excel and Access 365.
Under Excel 365 you will be exposed to the features Excel offers you, such as creating, managing, and editing data, and also how to present them in relevant charts, you will also learn the necessary principles and skills that are required to format data, managing columns and rows effectively, and lastly data analysis, processing, and result formulation with Pivot chart, Data table analysis, charts, and so on.
Getting this mini-book will also provide you the privilege to deal with the following Access aspects in managing a database
Getting started with Access 2024.
Create a database file that you will use to save the database information.
Working with the Access Navigation pane.
Getting started with the construction of the database table.
Entering fields into each database table.
Entering data directly into the table or employing the help of a Form.
Managing tables relationship in the relationship windows for effective database query.
Working with the Query Design Window.
Format for entering the correct criteria when querying the database for particular information.
Creating a specialized report through the query results.
Refining the appearance of the Report. And a lot more.
Wish you the best of luck as you scroll up and click the “Buy” button to get this amazing mini-book.

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