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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Golden Egg Small Nest PowerPoint Templates



Golden Egg Small Nest PowerPoint Templates

This is a financial theme PowerPoint template, with Xiaowo Golden Egg as the cover background, beautifully designed, powerful, and can be used for multiple purposes.
The cover of this template is an image of a hand holding a golden egg in a small nest. With the black template texture as the background, you can fill in the PPT presentation title on the left. The interface highlights the themes of financial business.
The content page of the template is divided into a catalog page, a chapter transition page and a chapter content page. It provides rich and practical PPT charts and various graphic layouts, which can meet all your design needs
All elements of the template can be freely edited. You can adapt it to your multiple uses.
Welcome to download! I wish you success at work, a happy life, and good health!
  • Template pages: Total 48 pages
  • Template page Size: 1280px x 720px
  • Template display ratio: 16:9
  • Template extension:pptx
  • Template language: English
  • Applicable software: PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013/wps office/office 365/Google slides
  • Template file size: 2.01MB

Golden Egg Small Nest PowerPoint Templates

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