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Saturday, November 11, 2023

Advanced techniques for collecting statistical data




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Advanced techniques for collecting statistical data

Olga Moreira

“Advanced Techniques for Collecting Statistical Data” is an edited book consisting of 17 contemporaneous articles focused on data collection methods, from qualitative research techniques to automated data collection systems. The first chapters include a practical guide to designing, sampling, and collecting qualitative research data. The second part of the book is devoted to data mining of information collected from clinical and social studies surveys, as well as from social media. The final chapters reflect on current efforts to optimize and automate data collection procedures. This book also includes new methodologies based on automatic data collection and analysis systems based on smartphone technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as their application in clinical research, sociology, stock market prediction and other fields. This book is intended to reach an academic audience ranging from undergraduate students to junior researchers.

Smartphone technologies combined with the improvement of cloud-based research architecture offers great opportunities in social sciences. The most common methodology in the social sciences is still the use of surveys and other approaches that require the active participation of research subjects. However, there are some areas that are best researched not through surveys, but rather by observing individuals’ behaviour in a continuous social experiment. Mobile technologies make it possible to observe behaviour on a new level by using raw data of various kinds collected by our most common everyday companion: our smartphone. Moreover, since smartphones shape our daily lives thanks to various actions available through countless apps, it is logical to consider them as a platform for actual research. There have been numerous research projects that have relied on collecting participants’ mobile sensor and app usage data, but the biggest concern has been the willingness to share this data. Privacy and trust concerns both contribute to people’s unwillingness to provide access to their personal data, and uncovering these attitudes is a critical step for any successful experimental design.

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