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Friday, November 3, 2023

Upgrading Your Skills with Excel



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Upgrading Your Skills with Excel

Author(s): Rémy Lentzner

Series: Professional Training

Publisher: Editions Remylent, Year: 2023


Empower yourself with the ultimate guide to mastering Excel with "Upgrading Your Skills with Excel" by Rémy Lentzner. Excel, with its robust functions, simplifies tasks related to numbers, dates, formulas, and text. This book serves as your invaluable asset, providing insights into advanced functions that not only enhance your skills but also save you significant time. The examples presented in this manual are designed to elevate your data analysis capabilities, reflecting real-world management situations that you can replicate across all Excel versions.

Key Features:

Accessible Learning: Tailored for all skill levels, this manual is a user-friendly guide that takes you step by step to increase your Excel knowledge.

Complex Functions Unveiled: Unlock the power of more complex Excel functions, enabling you to handle intricate data scenarios efficiently.

Time-Saving Techniques: Learn techniques that not only upgrade your skills but also save considerable time in your daily tasks.

Real-World Application: The examples provided are rooted in practical management situations, allowing you to apply your newfound skills to real-world scenarios.

What You'll Discover:

Improved Data Analysis: Enhance your ability to analyze data effectively using advanced Excel functions.

Increased Efficiency: Discover methods to streamline your tasks and workflows, making your work more efficient.

Applicability Across Versions: The skills acquired are versatile and applicable to all versions of Excel, ensuring relevance and longevity.

Who Should Read This Manual:

Whether you're a beginner looking to build a strong foundation or an experienced Excel user aiming to enhance your skills, "Upgrading Your Skills with Excel" caters to all. The step-by-step guidance ensures accessibility for everyone seeking to master Excel's capabilities.


Empower yourself with the expertise to navigate Excel's advanced functionalities. "Upgrading Your Skills with Excel" is not just a guide; it's your partner in advancing your Excel proficiency. Rémy Lentzner's comprehensive approach ensures that you not only grasp complex functions but also gain practical insights for real-world applications. Elevate your Excel skills and efficiency—grab your copy and embark on a journey of continuous improvement and mastery.

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