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Monday, October 9, 2023

Unlock the Power of Data Modeling with "Power BI Data Modeling" by Nisal Mihiranga



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Unlock the Power of Data Modeling with "Power BI Data Modeling" by Nisal Mihiranga

Introduction: Are you ready to elevate your business analytics game and harness the true potential of Power BI? Dive into the world of data modeling with "Power BI Data Modeling" by Nisal Mihiranga, a comprehensive guide that takes you through the intricacies of Power BI, from the basics to advanced techniques.

Key Features: Uncover the power of Power BI with these key features:

  1. Extensive Examples: Explore Power BI and data modeling concepts through real-world examples, making complex ideas easy to understand.

  2. Visual Learning: Benefit from graphical images and step-by-step explanations, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

  3. Hands-on Practice: Immerse yourself in hands-on examples that teach best practices in predictive modeling, empowering you to build efficient and effective data models.

Description: Creating robust data models is no longer a challenge. "Power BI Data Modeling" guides you in formulating a complete business analytics model that integrates various data sources, performs complex computations, and scales seamlessly across hundreds of BI users.

What You Will Learn: Discover a wealth of knowledge as you progress through the book:

  1. Data Profiling and Transformation: Learn to profile, cleanse, and transform data for optimal modeling.

  2. Building Data Models: Acquire skills to build data models, aggregate data, and create hierarchies for insightful analysis.

  3. DAX Language Mastery: Practice the DAX language, write calculations, and create hierarchies to enhance your modeling capabilities.

  4. Advanced Features: Explore advanced features, including AI visualizations and performance analyzers, to take your models to the next level.

  5. Connecting Data Sources: Gain insights into various connection types and learn how to connect data from different sources for a comprehensive analysis.

  6. Performance Enhancement: Boost performance by optimizing storage, memory, and other critical aspects of Power BI.

Who Should Read This Book: "Power BI Data Modeling" is designed for data analysts, business analysts, and any business user eager to master the art of developing data models using Power BI. A basic understanding of data visualization is recommended to fully benefit from this guide.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction to Microsoft Power BI
  2. Microsoft Power BI Eco-system
  3. Getting Started with Power BI and Connect with Data
  4. My First Power BI Report
  5. BI Building Blocks & Dimensional Model Concepts
  6. Connecting with Relational Databases
  7. Data Cleansing, Blending, and Transformation with Power Query
  8. Building Relationships
  9. Introduction to DAX and Calculated Columns, Measures & Hierarchies
  10. Creating Insightful Visuals
  11. Row-level Security
  12. Calculation Groups in Power BI
  13. Self-service AI in Power BI
  14. Incremental Refresh for Scalable Models
  15. Composite Models & Implementing Aggregations for Improved Query Performance
  16. Self-service Data Prep for Any Data
  17. Optimizing DAX
  18. Collaborating Your Power BI Workload
  19. Performance Tuning via Storage and Memory Optimization

Conclusion: Embark on a journey to master Power BI data modeling with "Power BI Data Modeling" by Nisal Mihiranga. Elevate your analytical skills, develop efficient models, and unleash the full potential of Microsoft Power BI for your business. Don't miss out on the opportunity to reshape your data analysis capabilities—grab your copy today!

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