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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Excel Guide for Success




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Excel Guide for Success

Author(s): Kevin Pitch

Publisher: Independently published, Year: 2023

Did you know that using Excel properly could cut your work time in half?

Would you like to learn how to use it well but think it is difficult and takes too much time?

One of the most common and frustrating problems in offices and for those managing household finances is having to repeat the same operations over and over again, making work increasingly stressful and less productive over time.

To date, employers are looking for people who know how to use Excel correctly to speed up calculation processes, but still, few have this skill, making it increasingly sought after and paid.

If you wish to turn your job around, this book will be all you need!

Discover the most comprehensive step-by-step guide suitable for anyone thanks to simple, straightforward explanations accompanied by many pictures that will make learning even faster.

With this manual, you will become the expert everyone needs for their business!

Here is what you will be able to do with this guide:

• Increase your efficiency at work to stand out from others and get noticed by the boss,
• Decrease the time spent doing tedious manual tasks at the PC by being able to automate most processes while saving time and energy,
• Apply knowledge of Excel to improve the management of personal expenses or investments and be more organized,

Specifically, inside, you will discover:

• Easy-to-understand and straightforward explanations, provided with explanatory images and step-by-step tutorials (for both Windows operating system and iOS),
• How to learn how to use Excel even if you are starting from scratch, understanding the basics (such as charting, sorting, and filtering) and how they can help you at work and in your personal life,
• The most useful formulas and shortcuts thoroughly explained, so you'll be able to use them right away and without having any doubts about their application,
• The most complex functions within beginner's reach: learn the basics of Data Validation, how to use Pivot Tables and even Microsoft Excel Lookup.

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