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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Excel 2023: The Most Updated Bible to Master Microsoft Excel from Zero To Pro in Less than 5 Minutes A Day




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Excel 2023: The Most Updated Bible to Master Microsoft Excel from Zero To Pro in Less than 5 Minutes A Day. Discover All the Formulas, Functions & Charts with Step-by-Step Tutorials, Tips & Tricks

Author(s): Andrew J. Nash

👉 Are you looking for a way to quickly get better at Excel? 👈

🔥🔥🔥 This book includes FREE BONUSES. Discover how to get it inside the book.

✅ FREE Bonus 1: Over 100 FREE Excel Templates
✅ FREE Bonus 2: FREE Excel Video Course

If the answer is “YES”, then keep reading, because this is the book you were looking for.

Excel is an increasingly sought-after skill by companies, but it can be hard to learn if you don't have a guide.

Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate user, this book will help you improve your working skills.

It contains extremely useful information, and will explain to you how to use everything about MS Excel, from functions and charts, to macros, filters, VBA and more.

The author of this book is Andrew J. Nash, and it's a 40-year-old mathematics graduate who enjoys teaching Excel. He travels to companies to give Excel courses, and in this book he has condensed his experience as a teacher, answering all the doubts of beginners.

By reading this book, you’ll discover:

✅All The Excel Fundamentals, so you can understand all the basics of this amazing program such as cells, indexing, rows and columns, worksheets, and much more, so you can have a general but detailed overview of the interface and be able to comfortably navigate it without any confusion;
✅Everything About Data Input, to understand what a cell can contain, how to copy/paste, how to drag and drop, how to create lists and series, how to use the find and select function, how to sort data, and how to create your first tables;
✅How To Format The Page The Right Way, in a chapter that will show you what formatting is, how to format effectively, how to use templates, and how to preview your pages before you print them;
✅The Most Useful Excel Functions, from syntax, counting and analysis functions, and search.vert function, up to the SE function, and everything about the other most useful functions that can speed up and ease your daily work;
✅Everything About Creating Graphs In Excel, in a section that will explain to you how to insert a graph, how to change its properties, how to combine it with other graphs, and how to create dual-axis graphs;

Other than this, you’ll learn:

🔥 How To Use Macros;
🔥 How To Add Names And Comments To Cells;
🔥 How To Work With Advanced Filters And Data Slicers;
🔥 How To Create Pivot Tables;
🔥 & Much More!

This book will help you learn how to use Excel in just a few minutes a day, so that you can start working smarter and faster right away.

We know that learning new skills can be intimidating, but with this book, it's never been easier to get started.

The author has developed an easy-to-follow system that will have you mastering Excel in no time!

…What are you waiting for?

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