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Monday, September 18, 2023

MrExcel 2022: Boosting Excel




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MrExcel 2022: Boosting Excel

Author(s): Bill Jelen

Publisher: Holy Macro! Books, Year: 2022

Inspiring Excel tips designed to save 100 hours per year.

Originally designed for Bill Jelen's live Power Excel seminars, the target audience already uses Excel 40 hours a week. These tips are the "aha" tips that uncover secret methods in Excel. The book covers general Excel functions, pivot tables, and formulas such as VLOOKUP and the new XLOOKUP. It introduces elements of modern Excel such as the Power Pivot Data Model and cleaning data with Power Query. Updated annually, this edition for 2022 adds information on collaboration features, LET and LAMBDA functions, amazing new data types, dynamic array formulas, and more.

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