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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Inserting symbols in Excel using text input


Inserting symbols in Excel using text input 

Sometimes our information is incomplete without the use of symbols. Inserting symbols that are accessible on keyboard are easy to punch in however, it is a tiring task if we have to insert symbols using symbol button in the ribbon above. And it is frustrating if we have to insert the same symbol over and over and over again!

But this can be worked out to make life a little easy in such situations.

Automating the process

It would have been much easier to insert the repetitive symbol in the worksheet if one types a text and Excel converts it to symbol automatically. But to make it happen we will have to make few tweaks inside Excel engine room!

Automation using Autocorrect!

Lets say we want Excel to automatically insert “->” if we key in “fwd”.

Following are the steps you need to take:

Step 1: Click File or office button at the top left corner and click options

Step 2: Click proofing from the options at the left of window

Step 3: Click Autocorrect options button. A new dialogue box will appear

Step 4: In replace input field type fwd and in with input field type ‘-> (yes starting with apostrophe)

Step 5: Hit Add button once and then Close button to close the dialogue.

Following screen grab walks you through the whole process:

insert symbol

And now type fwd anywhere in the worksbook or any subsequent workbook Excel will automatically convert the text to symbol on hitting Enter key.

If you don’t want it anymore or to make changes or to add more, now you know how to do it 🙂

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