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Have you ever imagined conversing with an AI that understands and can respond to you with your voice? OpenAI's open-source speech recognition system called "Whisper" allows you to speak to ChatGPT and get answers to your questions.

You can use this feature to generate codes, get answers, or have a quick brainstorming session with just your voice.

What You Need to Speak to ChatGPT

ChatGPT's Whisper integration allows you to use your voice to speak with ChatGPT instead of typing. The beauty of this lies in the fact that you can speed up your prompts instead of typing long and descriptive sentences.

To access ChatGPT's voice input feature on your phone, you'll need to download and install the official ChatGPT app for mobile devices. Once you sign in with your OpenAI account, you're all set to take advantage of the Whisper feature.

If you're on a Windows PC, you'll need to rely on third-party workarounds like Whisper Desktop to turn your voice to text in real time.

Download: ChatGPT for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

How to Send ChatGPT Prompts With Your Voice

Both iPhones and Android devices come with native dictation features. And that's what you'll use to take advantage of ChatGPT's Whisper integration on your phone.

To send prompts in the ChatGPT app with your voice, follow these simple steps in the ChatGPT mobile app.

  1. On an iPhone, tap the sound wave icon on the right side of the text field at the bottom. On an Android device, tap the microphone button next to the text field.
  2. ChatGPT will immediately start recording your voice. So, start speaking.
  3. When you're done, hit Tap to stop recording and wait for ChatGPT to transcribe the recording.
  4. Tap the Send button next to the text field to send your prompt.

Now, all you need to do is wait a couple of seconds for ChatGPT to type out its response. You can test this feature while trying these ChatGPT crypto prompts.

Talk to ChatGPT and Save Time

By speaking to ChatGPT, you can send longer and more descriptive prompts with your voice and have a conversation without manually typing a prompt that could take several minutes. This way, you can be more productive with your task and save time while using ChatGPT.