Several companies around the world use Notion to manage their day-to-day workflows and keep track of their goals. The app is also excellent for teams that need to collaborate with each other, and you can use numerous templates to achieve your objectives.

Some businesses using Notion have added workflow templates to the platform, and you can duplicate and use these for yourself. Today, we've identified some of our favorite ones.

Besides learning what each template does, you'll also discover who the templates are good for and how to download them.

1. Buffer's OKRs

Buffer OKR Notion Template

Buffer is a social media management platform designed largely for small businesses and creators. Considering that the company operates remotely, using Notion is essential for ensuring that teams meet outlined targets.

This template measures Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). You can write the target and determine what results would define your success, meaning that you've got a blueprint for taking action. Moreover, you can measure how much progress you've made—along with noting the project's status.

When using Buffer's OKR template, you can also set objectives for each quarter and designate tasks to other team members. The template is excellent for people working as part of a broader remote or hybrid team, and you can use it on a personal level for studying and individual creative projects.

As an online creator, you can also manage your social media accounts in Buffer.

2. Netflix's Branding Framework

Netflix Branding Template in Notion

Netflix has taken over the TV streaming space, and strong branding is one of its core success components. Coming up with a brand on that level requires a lot of thinking, and you can use Netflix's Branding Framework template in Notion to come up with ideas for yourself.

The template asks several questions, such as what your long-term vision is and how the customer will benefit from your product or service. You can also summarize your concept, and to help you get started, you'll find a suite of examples within the framework.

While this template is a good starting point for new business owners, you can also use it if you're building a personal brand as a freelancer. And even if you're going for a normal job, you can use the framework to make your resume stand out to recruiters and potential employers.

3. Deel's PR Brief

Deel PR Brief in Notion

Deel is based in San Francisco and focuses on helping companies hire talent from other countries. Moreover, Deel also specializes in making payments possible for international workers.

Like Buffer, Deel operates remotely. With that in mind, the company also needs to use programs like Notion to ensure that everything continues running smoothly. Press releases can help get a company's name out there and enhance coverage, which is why Deel has put effort into creating a PR brief that's easy to follow.

The PR brief features a section for discussing the most important talking points in a story, alongside the when, who, and where aspects. Moreover, you can use a timeline to see the progress of each project.

If you regularly write journalistic-style articles, the PR brief template is an excellent choice. Similarly, you can find value from it if you're a professional writer—whether that's working for yourself or someone else.

4. Edlyft's Product-Market Fit System

Edlyft Product Market Fit Notion Template

Edlyft is a platform that helps STEM students maximize their skills and, as a result, enhance their prospects in the future. The Product-Market Fit system template allows Edlyft to determine how the company can best serve its customers and enhance its existing services.

With this template, you can quickly outline what isn't working and why—along with what your suggestions are to make such changes. On top of that, you have the option to add different task owners—meaning that everyone knows what they should be doing.

You can use this template if you're thinking about starting your own business, and it'll also work if you're part of a marketing team and trying to determine how to better appeal to your audience. If you're in the latter category, consider checking out the best AI software for digital marketing.

5. Synctera's Monthly Company Retro

Synctera Monthly Retro Notion Template

Synctera focuses on B2B banking as a service. The Monthly Company Retro template is arguably one of the most fun to use on this list, and it's also one of the most versatile options. With this template, you can outline what went well each month—along with identifying the areas that you think you could do better in.

Within each of these, you can expand further and also create action points. After doing that, you also have the option to produce an overall list of the next steps you need to take.

If you're part of a startup, the Monthly Company Retro will help you and your team members stay on track. However, you can also use this template if you're a student and want to keep track of what you did well and where you could improve each month.

Moreover, if you're working on self-improvement habits—such as going to the gym—you'll also find this template incredibly helpful. Here are some self-help blogs if you want more personal development content.

6. Match Group's Roadmap

Match Group Roadmap Notion Template

Match Group is arguably the most recognizable name in the online dating market. The company owns multiple dating sites and apps, including Hinge and Tinder.

The Roadmap template features a space for you to outline your main objectives, along with a spot where you can determine what you would class as a success metric. Another helpful tool is the ability to decide on how confident you are that you'll fulfill the objective, based on a percentage.

You can break down your objectives into different quarters, and there's a separate tab where you have the ability to look at these in more detail.

This template is a good choice if you need to track professional goals. You can also use it for measuring fitness metrics, especially if you're training for a big event.

How to Use These Notion Startup Templates

Using any of the templates in your own Notion workspace is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the link for the template you want to duplicate.
  2. Select Start with this template.
  3. Choose the workspace you want to use the template within.
  4. Duplicate the template and begin editing it.

You can also try out these interesting Notion workspace ideas if you want to design somewhere new to work.

Use Inspiration From These Companies to Enhance Your Own Workflow

Notion has several useful templates that users can enjoy, and some of the world's leading startups have made the systems they use available for free. We've mentioned a handful of our favorites, but you have even more options to explore on the Notion templates website.

From measuring performance objectives to writing article briefs, you've got plenty of options to simplify your workflow.