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Saturday, August 5, 2023

Modern Data Analytics in Excel (First Early Release)




Modern Data Analytics in Excel (First Early Release)

Author(s): George Mount

Year: 2023

If you haven't modernized your data cleaning and reporting processes in Microsoft Excel, you're missing out on big productivity gains. And if you're looking to conduct rigorous data analysis, more can be done in Excel than you think. This practical book serves as an introduction to the modern Excel suite of features along with other powerful tools for analytics.

George Mount of Stringfest Analytics shows business analysts, data analysts, and business intelligence specialists how to make bigger gains right from your spreadsheets by using Excel's latest features. You'll learn how to build repeatable data cleaning workflows with Power Query, and design relational data models straight from your workbook with Power Pivot. You'll also explore other exciting new features for analytics, such as dynamic array functions, AI-powered insights, and Python integration.

Learn how to build reports and analyses that were previously difficult or impossible to do in Excel. This book shows you how to

Build repeatable data cleaning processes for Excel with Power Query
Create relational data models and analysis measures with Power Pivot
Pull data quickly with dynamic arrays
Use AI to uncover patterns and trends from inside Excel
Integrate Python functionality with Excel for automated analysis and reporting

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