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Sunday, July 16, 2023

EXCEL 2023 COMPLETE GUIDE: The Concise Step-by-Step Practical Guide to Master Everything About Excel in 7 Days or Less PDF Free





EXCEL 2023 COMPLETE GUIDE: The Concise Step-by-Step Practical Guide to Master Everything About Excel in 7 Days or Less PDF Free

Author(s): BINN, CARTY

Year: 2023

Learn Everything Excel With This Powerful Guide!Are you new to Microsoft Excel and don’t even know where to start from? Are you an intermediate user of Excel but looking for meant to learn excel to the expert level? Are you seeking a simple and powerful approach to analyze, import, filter, query, report, and calculate data in Excel? Have you tried utilizing Excel’s standard pivot table functionality to do these operations and been disappointed with the outcomes?
If your answer to the above questions is YES, then I got good news for you. Read ON!

This book, which is for all learning levels (Beginners, intermediate, and experts), is an in-depth guide on all Excel entails. This book provides an in-depth Microsoft Excel lesson for anybody that is new to the program, hasn’t used it in a long time, or wants to upgrade his/her skill in the use of Excel.
The objective of this book is to assist you in analyzing, manipulating, and presenting data in Excel. As a novice who wishes to become an Excel 2022 expert, this book will assist you in understanding these features.
This outstanding book is a combo of five different books on Excel. Below is the breakdown of the contents of this book

Book 1: Excel for Beginners
This beginner’s guide will give newbies to Microsoft Excel a solid foundation, background, and a beginner’s tour on the various functionalities and features packed in Excel, as well as the tools, resources, and abilities needed to perform simple data entries and visualizations. Anyone without a background in data analysis is capable of producing amazing formatting results and visualizations with the lessons provided in this guide.

Book 2: Excel Formulas & Functions
This comprehensive guide’s goal is to take you by the hand and show you how to utilize all of Excel’s sophisticated formulas and functions. Learn how to utilize the tools that have been handed to you and when to use them. The many examples in the book make it an ideal instructional tool for all Excel users who wish to learn how to interpret, write, and utilize formulas. “Microsoft Excel Formulae and Functions” is an excellent reference for many of the program’s complex formulas and functions for intermediate and advanced users.

Book 3: Pivot Table & Pivot Chart
Gain control of your data and your company by using Excel pivot tables and pivot charts to create powerful, dynamic reports in minutes rather than hours. Even if you’ve never used a pivot table before, this book will show you how to make use of all of its amazing flexibility and analytical power.

Book 4: Power Pivot & Power Query
This guide will provide a good foundation for beginners and newcomers to Microsoft Excel’s Power Pivot and Power Query Editors. A beginner’s tour of the Editors of these programs, as well as the many techniques of importing and cleaning up your data, is included in this guide. Major features, filters, techniques, and loading options, as well as the tools, queries, and functions to achieve the best results for your data analysis, are all packed inside Excel Power Pivot and Power Query. With the lessons in this book, anybody without a background in data analysis or queries may produce remarkable Power Pivot and Power Query outcomes.
Book 5: Data Analysis with Excel
Excel’s versatility allows it to be used for business, work data, as a calculator, a data converter, and even as a display sheet for evaluating data. In practice, it has evolved into a critical decision-making aid in the workplace. Excel is all around you, and you rely on it more than you realize or like to admit. With this book in your hands, you will discover all of the tactics for using Excel data analysis to its full potential, making your work much simpler or increasing your chances of landing a job!

… and a lot more!

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