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Monday, July 3, 2023

EXCEL 2023 A Complete Beginner to Expert illustrative Guide PDF


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EXCEL 2022 A Complete Beginner to Expert illustrative Guide PDF 2



EXCEL 2023 A Complete Beginner to Expert illustrative Guide PDF

Jamie Keet

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Looking for clear and practical explanations to grasp all the functions of the software at a glance? Would you increase your skill set to fulfill complex mathematical functions in utmost simplicity?If the answer is a firm “yes,” this book is all you’ve been looking for!In any field of work, Excel is becoming an indispensable tool for extracting data, making demonstration charts and much more, so knowing how it works has become an essential prerequisite for anyone seeking to make their calculations more accurate and simple at the same time.But how to move nimbly through all the complex formulas underlying the Excel operability?This book meets exactly that need! Excel is based on seemingly very complex formulas that, when thoroughly understood, are all very similar to each other, easy to learn and useful for indispensable operations – and the easy explanations among these pages will make everything extremely simple!Therefore, the book “Excel 2022” will help you gain complete knowledge of this very useful program by explaining step by step
The basics of excel, which will help you keep track of basic data such as your monthly expenses and earnings;
The most commonly used formulas in Excel, such as SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE and many more;
How to create useful Pivot Tables to better organize your data;
How to make pie charts to show important data during a meeting;
How to manage an entire team using the most appropriate functions of the program;
AND MUCH MORE!To make each concept as understandable as possible, the book is written in a simple, straightforward manner with explanatory examples that will help you get deeper and deeper into this 1,000-function program.In less than a month and spending just a few minutes a day you will be able to create Excel sheets to suit your every need, simplifying your life and becoming a great catch for businesses!

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