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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Excel 2022: A 10-Minutes-A-Day Illustrated Guide To Become A Spreadsheet Guru




Excel 2022: A 10-Minutes-A-Day Illustrated Guide To Become A Spreadsheet Guru. Learn To Use Excel In Just 7 Days, Master All Formulas and Charts, Brush Up Your Skills and Become Indispensable At Work

Author(s): Microsoft 365 Academy

Are you looking to improve your Microsoft Excel skills and save valuable time from your everyday work life? If your answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading…

Excel is one of the most used instruments in business: it’s a crucial tool for anyone working in engineering, accountancy and many more industries. It’s an incredibly powerful tool that, if used properly, can save plenty of time and sometimes even money.

✔️ Become a valuable asset in a company

Mastering Excel is an extremely valuable skill to employers and can increase greatly your chances of getting hired or promoted, showing employers that you have significant analytical skills.

✔️ Save time and become more efficient

Organizing and handling data manually can be very time consuming. If used properly, Excel not only makes this process incredibly fast, but also reduces room for human errors such as miscalculating.
With the right tools and formulas, you can analyze large quantities of data in a matter of seconds, increasing your productivity exponentially.

✔️ Extract information from your data

It is one thing to store and manage huge amounts of data, but it is another to find the relations in it and draw conclusions from such analysis.
With Excel, you can make statistical analysis with just a few clicks.

Each chapter of “Excel 2022” has been thoughtfully written in order to make the learning process easy and accessible to anyone who would like to improve their Excel knowledge.

This guide will lead you step by step through:

- The basics of excel: make sure you know all the terminologies and basic functions.

- How to make your life easier by learning how to make charts, pivot tables and master all the most useful formulas.

- Exploring how to use most of the additional tools Excel has to offer in order to go from neophyte to expert.

… And much more! You can also proceed to test your knowledge on your computer with some practical exercises included in the book and make sure you’ve implemented all the lessons.

✔️ Even if your current knowledge is equal to zero, this book will help you to familiarize with Excel step by step, by eliminating any doubt you might have with the help of illustrations and simple explanations.

Are you ready to boost your employability and career prospects?

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