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Friday, June 30, 2023

Microsoft Office 365: [9 in 1] The Most Updated All-in-One Guide From Beginner to Expert (2022)




Microsoft Office 365: [9 in 1] The Most Updated All-in-One Guide From Beginner to Expert (2022)

English | 2022 | ASIN: B0B8TMCV2Q | 125 pages | ePUB,PDF | 15.8 MB

How to juggle the various apps in the Microsoft Office 365 package.Are you tired of having to ask for help from your friends or colleagues and want to become independent?Do you want to impress your employer by acquiring new skills and increasing your productivity?Are you a university student and need extra help to juggle the thousand uses of the Office 365 suite?If yes, this book is for you.Nowadays it is impossible to get a good job or advance in level without knowing how to use the computer; any self-respecting curriculum must demonstrate your skills to master the Microsoft Office 365 suite; attending any university course without these skills is like diving into the ocean without knowing how to swim.That’s why I personally made this bundle for students who want to acquire skills for technological development, for those who are looking for work, for those who want to make a career and get a promotion, for those who study at university, for companies who need to compile reports and other important data , for teachers who need to prepare and compile Excel files with information about students and for those who simply need to master MS 365; I wanted to answer all your questions and come to the rescue of the difficulties you can find in approaching the Microsoft world.You will be accompanied step by step by tutorials and clear and readable images and you can finally save the time you spend in front of the PC, reducing stress and increasing your productivity with the innovative Office apps.If I have intrigued you, read on to find out what you will find inside this wonderful bundle.

Word: you can finally create professional word documents, with graphs and tables;
Excel: formulas and file compilation will no longer be a secret for you;
PowerPoint: your presentations, whether they are for school, university, a private course, or for your company, will amaze anyone and help you in your exposure;
OneDrive: you can store and protect all your files by connecting with them from any device and sharing them with other users;
OneNote: You no longer have to take paper notebook and pen everywhere with you to take notes and manage your personal information, but you can collect, organize and shareyour digital information with the ease offered by the software.
Teams: You will learn to master the app for chatting, sharing documents, holding online meetings, scheduling and holding classes, writing on a virtual whiteboard , and other useful features for business collaboration, online learning, teamwork.
Access: You will learn how to create and manage relational databases and programs, track and record data regularly, and then view, export, or print subsets of that data.
Outlook: Learn how to send and receive messages, manage your calendar, store contact names and numbers, and track tasks.
Publisher: You’ll learn how to create engaging, professional-looking publications while reducing time and money invested.Whether you have no experience or you are an expert who needs to update on the news, no matter your level of knowledge, from today you can finally fill your gaps and learn to use the full potential of Microsoft Office 365 programs.What are you waiting for, Get Your Copy Today and Become a Microsoft Office 365 Expert.

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