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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Excel 2022 For Beginners: The Complete Step-By-Step Beginners’ Mastery Guide For Microsoft Excel





Excel 2022 For Beginners: The Complete Step-By-Step Beginners’ Mastery Guide For Microsoft Excel

  • Length: 272 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publication Date: 2022-01-10


Are you looking for a user-friendly and popular application to carry out your data analysis and representation? Have you possibly heard about numerous applications that can be used for data entry and wish to be familiar with an easy one and know how it operates? Do you require a basic guide and steps for beginners to help perform data visualizations?
Then Microsoft Excel is your best choice to meet these needs.

Microsoft Excel is an application that gives recent workplaces an easy means for fabricating a large number of data, expenditure and income, predictions, and many accounting-related activities. Microsoft Excel incorporates interesting UI, graphics and it is also popular among organizations and corporate firms. The application can also be used by small and individual businesses.
This guide will give beginners and newbies to Microsoft Excel a solid foundation, background, and a beginner’s tour on the various functionalities and features packed in Excel, as well as the tools, resources, and abilities needed to perform simple data entries and visualizations. Anyone without a background in data analysis is capable of producing amazing formatting results and visualizations with the lessons provided in this guide.
Here’s a peek at what this guide contains;

  • Getting Familiar with the Functions of Excel
  • Recent Upgrades in Microsoft Excel 2021
  • Navigating Around a Worksheet and the Excel Ribbon
  • Making Use of the Ribbon Pane
  • Implementing Shortcut Menus in Excel
  • Configuring the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Building Your Workbooks in Microsoft Excel
  • Getting Familiar with Data Types in Excel
  • Editing the Contents of a Cell
  • Necessary Procedures to Know When Entering Data in Cells
  • Implementing Forms When Entering Data
  • Carrying Out Simple Operations in Your Worksheet
  • Moving and Copying Actions for Cell Ranges
  • Applying Name Attributes in Range Operations
  • Using Tables in Your Worksheet
  • Formatting Your Worksheets
  • Adding Colors and Shades to Your Worksheet
  • Implementing Conditional Formatting in Worksheets
  • Defining Formula Formatting Rules
  • Opening a Saved Workbook
  • Implementing Auto-Recovery
  • Using Passwords to Secure Your Workbooks
  • Organizing Workbook Files
  • Looking Up Glitches or Errors
  • Implementing Excel Templates in Your Workbook
  • Carrying Out Simple Printing Operations
  • Adjusting How Your Workbook Is Viewed
  • Using Headers and Footers in Your Excel File
  • Introduction to Charts in Excel
  • Editing and Configuring Charts
  • Types of Charts in Excel
  • Choosing Chart Elements
  • Configuring the Plot and Area of a Chart
  • Formatting Excel Chart Axis
  • Managing Lost Data in Excel Charts

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