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Thursday, December 9, 2021

The Art of Data Science PDF

 The Art of Data Science PDF

The Art of Data Science PDF describes, simply and in general terms, the process of analyzing data. The authors have extensive experience both managing data analysts and conducting their own data analyses, and have carefully observed what produces coherent results and what fails to produce useful insights into data. This book is a distillation of their experience in a format that is applicable to both practitioners and managers in data science.

Reviews: The Art of Data Science PDF

The authors were kind enough to put the entire text of this book online for free, but if you use it for a study group as we did, it is good to have a printed copy. Also good to have a digital copy, as you can follow through the links by clicking on them. You may want to do the data challenge in chapter 4, especially if you enjoy working with R code, but you don’t need that to benefit. The main idea is an “epicycle” of A. set expectations B. Collect data C. revise expectations that is applied at each level of data thinking, gathering, analysis, and communication. Definitely read the Peng and Leek paper cited in the book, “What is the Question”.

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