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Sunday, December 26, 2021

Advanced VLOOKUP Cheat Sheet 2022 Free PDF


Advanced VLOOKUP Cheat Sheet




Advanced VLOOKUP Cheat Sheet 2022 Free PDF

We have now reached the end of the Mastering VLOOKUP series.  Hopefully, you’ve picked up a few tips and tricks to take your VLOOKUP skills to the next level.  If you’ve been following along you will have learned more than just VLOOKUP:

  • Faster calculation from an approximate match – this also applies to HLOOKUP and to MATCH functions.
  • Array formulas – these techniques can be applied in a large number of circumstances.
  • Wildcards – these apply to most search situations (including other applications).
  • Dynamic named ranges – these are very useful in so many circumstances.

Download the Advanced VLOOKUP Cheat Sheet

There is a lot to remember, so download the Advanced VLOOKUP Cheat Sheet.  It includes most of the tips and tricks we’ve covered in this series, including faster calculations, multiple criteria, left lookup and much more.

Please download it and pin it up at work, you can even forward it onto your friends and co-workers

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