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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Learn Java Full Stack Spring Boot and Angular (Inc. JWT + Cloud) Free Video Course

Learn Java Full Stack Spring Boot and Angular (Inc. JWT + Cloud) Free Video Course

Spring security, Heroku Cloud Deployment via Github, PostgreSQL, Hibernate, Lombok, Angular12, Full Stack Development

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What you will learn from this Course:

  • Spring Boot
  • Angular
  • Full Stack Development with Spring Boot and Angular
  • Cloud Deployment for Java and NodeJS
  • Heroku Cloud Deployment
  • Learn the basics of Angular – Angular Modules, Components, Data Binding and Routing
  • Role Base Authorization and Authentication
  • Use Spring Security to configure Basic Authentication and JWT
  • Learn the magic of Spring Boot – Auto Configuration, Spring Initializr and Starter Projects
  • RXJS Observables and Observer

Requirements for this Course:

  • Basic Java knowledge


At the point when I say online-book-shopping application, we can consider it like that we will have a book-list page. By one way or another clients or clients will see these book-records and they can get one of them. Obviously, toward its finish, this buy will be put away and shown later.

What’s more, we will execute this task utilizing Spring Boot, Angular, and PostgreSQL.

In our venture, we will execute CRUD tasks. These CRUD tasks will be intended for clients and books. We will utilize clients for client sign-in, join and approval tasks. Furthermore, we will utilize the books for making, altering, erasing book tasks.

These CRUD tasks will be mentioned in Angular. So on the backend, we will make a foundation for these CRUD tasks and on the frontend, we will serve them with the UI.

Our venture goes on with User and book tasks.

Our principal activities will be client login, register, book-list, make book, erase book and so forth

Additionally, we will go on with the job-based application. So we will utilize various jobs like “Administrator”, “Client”. Then, at that point, we will give various approvals to these clients as per the job.

Furthermore, this everything will be given a safe way in both Angular and Spring Boot.

We will have two primary parts to carry out our venture.

These are the worker side and customer side.

In Server Side:

Obviously here, our primary library will spring boot. We will carry out the entire framework on the backend with the Spring boot. It will give a simple and quick arrangement to us.

We will carry out the Model view regulator design on our venture.

Spring security will be one of the principal subjects in our application. Likewise, we will utilize JWT to give security.

In Spring Boot, Data will be introduced to the customer as an API call so Spring Rest Controller will be utilized to deal with it.

We will utilize PostgreSQL as Database. We can utilize different information bases likewise however toward the finish of it we will convey our codes to Heroku. Postgresql can be utilized on Heroku free of charge so we picked that.

We will likewise utilize Object Relational Mapping with Java Persistence API and Hibernate.

You know, We can plan our data set tables to objects with rest.

We will utilize JPA Repository and Crud Repository in Spring Boot.

So these storehouse formats will deal with normal data set activities like save, update, find, erase.

With Spring Boot, we will likewise utilize the Lombok library to clear code.

You realize that we would prefer not to carry out getter, setter, equivalents and hash code. So we can get away from it utilizing Lombok @Data or @Value explanation.

We will utilize Gradle To deal with all conditions on the worker side.

For our all administrations, we will make cloud arrangements with Heroku. Heroku is an astonishing free system. We can send our spring-boot projects with some setup over GitHub without any problem. So At the finish of the course, we will have an application on the creation and we will have a code.

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