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Monday, November 1, 2021

Elegant Code With Python FREE PDF


Elegant Code With Python FREE PDF

  • Length: 52 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher: 
  • Publication Date: 2021-10-29

Programs are becoming larger and larger, they needed to be maintained for a long time, and developers would like to move from company to another to satisfy their curiosity.

To keep programs maintainable, many programming languages have evolved standards. This ensures that your code looks almost very similar to every one else’s code and hence its more maintainable. Ones code in professional code houses will be accepted only if it meets these standards.

I was consulting for my friends company which was tight in budget, and hence we have to build a team with fresh candidates, when I gave them programming exercise, to my horror I found the code worked, but it was definitely not elegant. It was neither readable nor maintainable. To their horror the younglings discovered their code wasn’t accepted by me. What was obvious to me as a coder who maintained systems for decades was not obvious for them.

Something had to be done to bring them up, so I pointed out their lack of elegance in small pieces improvements, and to my relief their code quality improved as they acted upon my suggestion. Telling people to do small course corrections rather than change dramatically works like magic. Its far less taxing cognitively.

This sparked an idea in me, why not write a book which could be read and referred quickly, it would have small piece of suggestions which when followed will make your code far better.

By reading this book programmers budding or veterans more mindful of their code, and will result in less pull or merge request rejections. you will start to navigate your professional life with elegance.

This book is for people who know Python and want to code well, be elegant and mindful with it. Its For people who want their code to be appreciated by others, for people who want to graduate from coding professional to coding craftsman.

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