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Saturday, October 2, 2021

Expert Data Modeling with Power BI: Get the best out of Power BI by building optimized data models for reporting and business needs

 Expert Data Modeling with Power BI: Get the best out of Power BI by building optimized data models for reporting and business needs




Expert Data Modeling with Power BI: Get the best out of Power BI by building optimized data models for reporting and business needs

Manage and work with business data effectively by learning data modeling techniques and leveraging the latest features of Power BI

Key Features

  • Understand data modeling techniques to get the best out of data using Power BI
  • Define the relationships between data to extract valuable insights
  • Solve a wide variety of business challenges by building optimal data models

Book Description

Microsoft Power BI is one of the most popular business intelligence tools available on the market for desktop and the cloud. This book will be your guide to understanding the ins and outs of data modeling and how to create data models using Power BI confidently. You’ll learn how to connect data from multiple sources, understand data, define and manage relationships between data, and shape data models.

In this book, you’ll explore how to use data modeling and navigation techniques to define relationships and create a data model before defining new metrics and performing custom calculations using modeling features. As you advance through the chapters, the book will demonstrate how to create full-fledged data models, enabling you to create efficient data models and simpler DAX code with new data modeling features. With the help of examples, you’ll discover how you can solve business challenges by building optimal data models and changing your existing data models to meet evolving business requirements. Finally, you’ll learn how to use some new and advanced modeling features to enhance your data models to carry out a wide variety of complex tasks.

By the end of this Power BI book, you’ll have gained the skills you need to structure data coming from multiple sources in different ways to create optimized data models that support reporting and data analytics.

What you will learn

  • Implement virtual tables and time intelligence functionalities in DAX to build a powerful model
  • Identify Dimension and Fact tables and implement them in Power Query Editor
  • Deal with advanced data preparation scenarios while building Star Schema
  • Explore best practices for data preparation and data modeling
  • Discover different hierarchies and their common pitfalls
  • Understand complex data models and how to decrease the level of model complexity with different data modeling approaches

Who this book is for

This MS Power BI book is for BI users, data analysts, and analysis developers who want to become well-versed with data modeling techniques to make the most of Power BI. Basic knowledge of Power BI and Star Schema will help you to understand the concepts covered in this book.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to data modelling in Power BI
  2. Data Analysis eXpressions and Data Modeling
  3. Data Preparation in Power Query Editor
  4. Getting data from various sources
  5. Common data preparation steps
  6. Star Schema preparation in Power Query Editor
  7. Data preparation common best practices
  8. Data Modeling Components
  9. Star Shema and Data Modeling Common Best Practices
  10. Advanced Data Modeling Techniques
  11. Row Level Security
  12. Extra Options and Features Available for Data Modeling


“Looking for good, real-world, example-based content for Power BI data modeling? Check out Soheil’s book! I’m happy to recommend Soheil’s book to any Power BI enthusiast, regardless of their level of expertise. His book starts from the basic building blocks and elaborates on many aspects of data modeling using a hands-on approach with great examples. Enjoy!”

Christian Wade, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft

“At its core, Power BI functions best when you have data models that are well-designed and optimized. Whether a reader is new to Power BI or has been working with tabular models for a while, this book is both a strategic guide and a collection of tangible examples for data modelers of any skill level. Soheil goes beyond the basics of dimensional modeling, Power Query, and DAX to delve into detail about comprehensive model design and deployment. Modeling approaches in this book take advantage of current functionality in Power BI and are enriched with great examples using community tools like Tabular Editor and DAX Studio. This is a book I’ll reference for years to come.”

David Eldersveld, Microsoft MVP, Solution Architect

“Power BI enables developers to get started quickly in building data models but they often encounter challenges ranging from the scale of source data, the integration and quality of source data, and the complexity of security and analytical requirements. This book provides a rich set of examples and practices to address these challenges and also highlights the latest modeling features including aggregations, incremental refresh, and composite models. As Power BI datasets (models) remain at the center of Power BI solutions, I’d strongly recommend this book for Power BI developers to help take their modeling skills and solutions to a new level.”

Brett Powell – Author of Mastering Power BI & Microsoft Power BI CookBook, Owner and BI Consultant at Frontline Analytics

“This book can give you the expertise you need in Power BI to effectively streamline the way you work with data and perform reporting.

Soheil does an incredible job at detailing not only all the steps involved in data modeling but also the concepts and how they can be implemented in the real world. I personally like the vast array of images that offer immersive insights into concepts, making it much more easier to understand techniques and visualize how things work.

I recommend this Power BI book for anyone who wants to use the tool more confidently and gain value from business data. While this book equips you with data modeling skills, it also makes for an engaging read. I particularly enjoyed reading the book, and even learned some new skills along the way.”

Gilbert Quevauvilliers, Founder at

About the Author

Soheil Bakhshi is the founder of Data Vizioner and is a sought after BI consultant. Working in data and analytics for more than 20 years, Soheil’s experience lies in Microsoft BI, Data Warehousing, and Power BI platform. He possesses MSCE, MCSA certifications and is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional). He has a passion for sharing knowledge via his website and speaking at conferences and Power BI community events locally and globally. In following his desire for simplicity and efficiency, he is behind Power BI community tools and commercial products such as Power BI Exporter and Power BI Documenter.

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