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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Complete Microsoft Excel From Beginner to Advanced Free Video Course

Complete Microsoft Excel From Beginner to Advanced Free Video Course

Microsoft Excel From Beginner to Advanced Course: Excel Basics, Examples, Tips & Tricks in Excel 2019/Office 365

Microsoft Excel

What you will learn:

  • Microsoft Excel – Excel From Beginner to Advanced 5.5-hour course
  • Excel basics & advanced features
  • Focusing on Data Visualization techniques you can stand out with
  • Over 100 Keyboard Shortcuts To Speed Up Your Work
  • Most Frequently Used Excel Functions With Examples
  • PivotTable Made Easy
  • Database Design Principles
  • PivotTable Advanced (Using Multiple Tables)

Requirements of Microsoft Excel:

  • The course was recorded with Microsoft Excel 2019 which is similar to Office 365 Excel version
  • Most features work in Excel 2010/2013/2016 or I show you alternative

Description of Microsoft Excel:

In this exceptional Microsoft Excel – Excel From Beginner to Advanced course you can get familiar with the main highlights of Excel zeroing in on information perception and profitability. I’m utilizing the variant Microsoft Excel 2019 which is like Office 365 Excel, however the course is 90-95% viable with Ms Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 forms.

In case you’re an amateur, in the primary area you can learn Excel essentials shortly.

Subjects canvassed in the 30-min Getting Started With Excel address:

  • speedy outline of the UI
  • the most effective method to save your dominate worksheet
  • drag and drop motion
  • dominate lines, sections, cells
  • instructions to move between cells rapidly
  • dominate information passage
  • dominate information types
  • dominate recipes and references
  • dominate administrators
  • the most effective method to choose cells, ranges, segments, pushes in dominate
  • duplicate and glue information
  • AutoComplete highlight
  • AutoFill include
  • what is work
  • characterize Name
  • the most effective method to sort and channel your information in dominate
  • step by step instructions to make a straightforward diagram with a couple of snaps
  • numerous worksheets
  • zoom work

At that point we will experience a few information perception methods which you can use to make Excel graphs that will intrigue your crowd.

Undertakings covered:

  • feature max esteem powerfully on an Excel graph
  • find Excel’s contingent designing element to feature key information in your table
  • instructions to make a guide graph that peruses well by the watcher
  • instructions to utilize symbols in your bar graphs to make it energizing
  • the most effective method to make an advancement outline in infographic style
  • I devoted a whole area to Excel easy route keys demonstrating you more than 100 Excel alternate ways. The more console easy routes you realize the quicker you can work in Excel and more gainful you can be.

Alternate ways shrouded in seven classifications:

  • general alternate routes
  • alternate routes for route
  • alternate routes for information section
  • Dominate arranging alternate routes
  • choice alternate routes
  • alternate routes for equations
  • various alternate route keys

I made a segment for the most much of the time utilized Excel capacities. You will discover bunches of genuine models in these themes:

  • Relative versus Absolute cell references clarified
  • working with date capacities
  • Whole(), SUMIF(), SUMIFS() capacities
  • MIN(), MAX(), AVERAGE(), COUNT() capacities
  • VLOOKUP(), HLOOKUP() capacities models
  • List(), MATCH(), XLOOKUP() capacities to look through information

In the last area we’re getting into a high level Excel point. I clarify how quite possibly the most important Excel highlights works, the PivotTable. Numerous individuals are reluctant to utilize it, however I’ll make it basic for you. We will fabricate a few reports, and make a PivotChart as well. I will likewise discuss data set plan standards. We will make a Data Model, and I will tell you the best way to utilize PivotTable with different tables. Thus, you’ll have the option to utilize Excel as a genuine data set.

By taking this course you can truly take your Excel abilities to path over the normal.

Try not to stress in case you’re an outright fledgling. I’ll clarify everything bit by bit.

In case you’re as of now acquainted with Excel, this course is an extraordinary invigorating meeting, and I’m almost certain I will have the option to show you new, fascinating things.

If it’s not too much trouble watch the Intro video to perceive what you can anticipate from this course. Appreciate learning!

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to stand out with special Excel knowledge

Course content of Microsoft Excel:

Introduction Of Microsoft Excel:


  • Get the Most Out of This Course
  • How To Set The English Display Language
  • Getting Started With Excel

Data Visualizations – Out of the Ordinary:

  • Highlight Max Value on a Chart
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Map Charts
  • Bar Chart With Icons
  • Progress Chart In Infographic Style

Over 100 Keyboard Shortcuts for Fast Productivity

  • General Shortcuts
  • Shortcuts for Navigation
  • Shortcuts for Data Entry
  • Formatting Shortcuts
  • Selection Shortcuts
  • Shortcuts for Formulas
  • Miscellaneous Shortcuts

Most Frequently Used Excel Functions With Examples:

  • Relative vs Absolute Cell References
  • Working with Dates
  • SUM(), SUMIF(), SUMIFS()
  • MIN(), MAX(), AVERAGE(), COUNT()

Understanstand the PivotTable:

  • PivotTable Made Easy
  • PivotTable From Multiple Tables

Course Video Size : 12 GB High Quality Video Content

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