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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Practices of the Python Pro




Practices of the Python Pro

Dane Hillard
Professional-quality code does more than just run without
bugs. It's clean, readable, and easy to maintain. To step
up from a capable Python coder to a professional developer, you need to learn industry standards for coding style,
application design, and development process. That’s where
this book is indispensable.

Practices of the Python Pro teaches you to design and write
professional-quality software that’s understandable,
maintainable, and extensible. Dane Hillard is a Python pro
who has helped many dozens of developers make this step,
and he knows what it takes. With helpful examples and exercises, he teaches you when, why, and how to modularize your
code, how to improve quality by reducing complexity, and
much more. Embrace these core principles, and your code will
become easier for you and others to read, maintain, and reuse.

What’s Inside

• Organizing large Python projects

• Achieving the right levels of abstraction

• Writing clean, reusable code

• Inheritance and composition

• Considerations for testing and performance

For readers familiar with the basics of Python, or another OO

Dane Hillard has spent the majority of his development career
using Python to build web applications.

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