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Friday, July 30, 2021

Excel PivotTables and Dashboard: The step-by-step guide to learn and master Excel PivotTables and dashboard

 Excel PivotTables and Dashboard: The step-by-step guide to learn and master Excel PivotTables and dashboard

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Do you want to show your data in a stunning dashboard? Or do you want to create a dashboard that you have to update frequently? Let's talk about how to do it ! Any Report You want !

If you are really serious about Excel Pivot tables and Dashboard and want to get into the real ‘Excel’ world within the next 7 days of your Life?

If YES then you are in the right place. Why? Because this is the only book that comes with Interactive Codes? (thoroughly tested and proofread by experts), Expert Tips and Tricks? (stand out from the crowd) and Exercises? (with their Solutions) (make the concepts stick to your mind).

Excel is a powerful yet highly accessible tool for data analyst using data stored on spreadsheets. Microsoft is continuously developing new features based on feedback by Excel Power-User beta testers, data analysts, and Excel aficionados. Regardless of these new features, those who get the most out of the data analysis features in Excel are those who understand the investigative process: creating new ways of looking at the data through asking the right questions.

Excel pivot tables have many features that allow you to cut and slice data on the fly. After initializing and loading the data into pivot tables, it is a straightforward process to create interactive drag-and-drop analyst dashboards. Excel for the web even makes it possible to publish dynamic dashboards online for your clients.

However, unfortunately, many tend to mistake Excel and pivot tables as the primary tool for creating these new perspectives. While these tools may allow you to create a presentation, the impact of that presentation depends solely on your grasp of the analysis process and the way you present your content. Accurate and scientifically sound modeling is the only way to ensure data-driven business decisions. This distinction separates data entry freelancers from business analyst consultants who inform trends in their field.

“Excel Pivot tables and Dashboard” ? is not just a step-by-step guide. This book can serve as a valuable resource for:

  • Mastering easy, powerful techniques for creating, customizing, and controlling dynamic PivotTables in Excel 2019
  • Strategizing your investigative approach, particularly for data analysts and consultants informing business decisions
  • Best practice for scientifically sound modeling, reporting, and sharing interactive dashboards
  • Common troubleshooting considerations for overcoming technical issues

Impactful analysis takes practice and a level of technique, much like the creative field. To effectively render and represent ideas, even artists must practice techniques that inform trends in their field. Analysts must take a similarly methodical approach to be valuable and give insightful observations to decision makers. “Excel Pivottables and Dashboard” is a beginner’s guide to making presentations that answer why and how your analysis will impact your client’s bottom line.

Remember you can never compare a well-structured (paid) book with free online resources like Youtube Channels, Discussion Forums and other online courses (mostly out-dated).

Now if you are really serious about “Excel Pivot tables and Dashboard” ? then Scroll Up and Click the Buy Now Button!

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