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Thursday, June 24, 2021

How to Reorder Multiple Columns in Power Query with Drag & Drop


How to Reorder Multiple Columns in Power Query with Drag & Drop

Bottom line: Learn a few quick tips to quickly reorder multiple columns in Power Query without having to move each column individually.

Skill level: Beginner

Power Query Quickly Reorder Multiple Columns

Reordering a bunch of columns in Power Query can be a drag (literally). You might spend extra time moving each column into place. This can be especially time-consuming if you have a lot of columns that you have to drag and scroll across a large table.

In this post I share a few tips to make the process of reordering columns faster.

1. Reorder Multiple Columns with Ctrl+Select

The easiest way I've found to reorder multiple columns is to select the columns with the Ctrl key and then move them. Here are the instructions.

1. Hold the Ctrl key and select each of the columns in the order you want them displayed. In this example I want the columns to be displayed in the following order, so I select each column in that order.

Order ID, Order Date, Category, Product Name, Unit Price

Power Query Reorder Columns - Ctrl Select Columns in Order

2. Left-click and hold any one of the columns and drag the mouse to the location you want to place the columns.

Power Query Reorder Columns - Drag Columns to Right of Selection

3. Release the mouse and the columns will be reordered based on the order you selected them in step 1.

Power Query Reorder Columns - Multiple Columns Reordered After Releasing Mouse

Important Note: If you end up selecting all of the columns, you will need to drag the selection to the right of the last column, then release. If you drag to the left of the columns, nothing will happen.

2. Reverse Order of Columns

You can use this same basic technique to quickly reverse the order of all (or some) columns.

1. Select the last column in the table, hold the Shift key, and then select the first column in the table.

Power Query Reverse Column Order - Shift Select Last Column Then First Column

2. Left-click and hold the last column and drag the mouse to the right of the last column.

Power Query Reverse Column Order - Drag Columns to Right of Selection

3. Release the mouse and the column order will be reversed.

Power Query Reverse Column Order - Multiple Columns Reordered After
Releasing Mouse

Note: You can also use this same technique for reversing the order of just some of the columns in your query. The process is the same, you will just select a few columns within the table. You can also drag the columns to the left if the first column is not part of the selection.

3. Undo or Change the Order

If you realize that the new column order isn't exactly what you wanted, there are a few ways to fix it.

Undo the Reorder

First, you can undo the change by deleting the Reordered Columns step in the Applied Steps window. Then use the select and move technique again with the correct order.

Power Query Reorder Columns - Delete the Reordered Columns Step to Undo

Check out my post on 15 Shortcuts for Power Query to learn how to undo (relatively) quickly.

Manually Refine the Order

If just a few columns are out of order, you can also manually select and drag individual columns to move them. If you do this step directly after the previous step above, then the Reorder Columns step will be modified in the Applied Steps window.

Power Query Reorder Columns - Move Individual Columns

Power Query is smart enough to NOT add additional steps for the reordering, which makes it easier to delete the step if needed.

Modify the Formula Text

Another option is to modify the formula text in the Table.ReorderColumns function that is created for the Reorder Columns step. To me, moving the columns with the mouse is easier because you don't have to worry about getting the syntax with the commas and quotation marks perfect (any typos in the syntax will result in an error).

Power Query Reorder Columns - Modify the Table ReorderColumns Function

However, it's still good to know about this technique because you might have the column order in another file, report, or list somewhere, and you can use that text to quickly modify the column order. This can be especially useful if your table has dozens or hundreds of columns.

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