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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Pega How-to Guide: Exporting Data to Excel


Pega How-to Guide: Exporting Data to Excel

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by Debunkum Beaver, Jimmy J.C.
  • Length: 127 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher: Golden AT
  • Introduction to Pega How-to Guide: Exporting Data to Excel (Master Beaver Version)

    In Pega, we are often required to provide some search functionalities for users, such as listing records matching some given search criteria. This is simple and OOTB. However, sometimes, the users might require us to provide a functionality to export the search results into Excel.

    The purpose of this “Exporting Data to Excel” Pega How-to Guide is to provide you with 2 methods of exporting the required data to Excel.

    The 1st method, which is quite old, still works. However, it requires you to configure quite a few tasks. Any changes would require updating the template as well as the associated rules. The 2nd method, which is much simpler, does not require the creation of additional rules, and is much easier to implement and change.

    In the Master Beaver Version, the author will walk through the modifications of the records listing, demonstrating the impact to the 2 exporting methods. This will provide readers with hands-on knowledge of the various advantages and disadvantages of both the methods.
    Why Create a Pega How-to Guide?

    In a real-world situation, you would not have the luxury of time to learn and explore features on the ground. Worst, after implemented the required feature, only to find yourself in a dead corner and had to resort to patching and custom coding to address users’ ever-changing requirements. All these would have been easily avoided if you had a better understanding of the pros and cons of various options.

    Pega How-to Guide” series aims to provide readers with an arsenal of tools at their disposal. Whenever there is a new project, or a required new feature, all is required is just to pull out these guides, implement the features according to the given approach.

    Can you visualise a situation, where all similar features have the same way of implementation, with the same sequence of steps and number of rules; and anyone who looked at the rules knew exactly how and why each rule was implemented as such; any deviations and bugs that were introduced due to carelessness would simply stand out by itself, easily identifiable and easy to fix, wouldn’t this be a wonderful Pega World?

    Well, that is the core objective of the Pega How-to Guide series!

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