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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Office for the Web Made Easy: Free Productivity Apps in the Cloud 2021


Office for the Web Made Easy: Free Productivity Apps in the Cloud 2021

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by James Bernstein
  • Length: 432 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publication Date: 2021-04-13
  • With the growing trend of everything being online and people working from home as well as taking their school classes online, there is a growing need to be able to work in “the cloud” and be able to access your files from any location as well as share them with others so they can work on them as well.

    Microsoft Office has been around since 1990 with various versions and improvements throughout the years and lately Microsoft has really been pushing their user base to use their online subscription based versions rather than the desktop versions we are all used to.

    You might have heard of Office 365 or Microsoft 365 which are the subscription based (pay for) versions but there is also another option that you can use for free called Office for the Web (previously named Office Online), and this version just might have enough features to allow you to get your work done without costing you any money.

    The goal of this book is to get you up and running with Office for the Web and cover all the things you need to know to get you working with these online productivity applications. It sticks with the basics yet covers all aspects of the application to help you accomplish your goals without needing to be a computer genius. The content of this book will also apply to Office 365 users.

    The chapters in the book cover the following topics:

    Chapter 1 – Getting Started
    Chapter 2 – OneDrive
    Chapter 3 – Word
    Chapter 4 – Excel
    Chapter 5 – PowerPoint
    Chapter 6 – Outlook, Calendar and People
    Chapter 7 – OneNote
    Chapter 8 – Additional Apps
    Chapter 9 – Sharing, Downloading and Printing Your Files
    Chapter 10 – Extras

    About the Author

    James Bernstein has been working with various companies in the IT field for over 20 years, managing technologies such as SAN and NAS storage, VMware, backups, Windows Servers, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Networking, Microsoft Office, Exchange, and more.

    He has obtained certifications from Microsoft, VMware, CompTIA, ShoreTel, and SNIA, and continues to strive to learn new technologies to further his knowledge on a variety of subjects.

    He is also the founder of the website, which offers its readers valuable information on topics such as Windows, networking, hardware, software, and troubleshooting. Jim writes much of the content himself and adds new content on a regular basis. The site was started in 2005 and is still going strong today.

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