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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Excel Workbook: 160 Exercises with Solutions and Comments


Excel Workbook: 160 Exercises with Solutions and Comments

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Author(s): Clerici, Alberto; Del Corno, Davide;

Publisher: EGEA Spa - Bocconi University Press, Year: 2021

Excel is the most popular and widely used productivity software in all business environments, and it is an irreplaceable companion in ordinary work as in the analysis of large amounts of complex data. Nevertheless, the majority of users knows and uses only a very limited number of features, often in an elementary way. This workbook shows in practice the use of a wide variety of formulas, func-tions and features (like charts, pivot tables, macros or the Solver add-in) that allow to effectively and professionally work with Excel. The workbook starts with the basics and gets progressively to deal with very com-plex cases. It is a valuable support for college students, professionals and managers who want to learn the basics or to improve the knowledge of Excel up to an advanced level. DigitaBook format includes the digital edition of the book with all the initial and solved fi les available to carry out the exercises and check the solutions. Over 80 exercises are commented, to highlight the basic concepts and clarify the most complex ones.
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