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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

PowerPivot Alchemy: Patterns and Techniques for Excel 2021


PowerPivot Alchemy: Patterns and Techniques for Excel 2021

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Author(s): Collie, Rob; Jelen, Bill

Publisher: Holy Macro! Books, Year: 2021

Product Description

Rob Collie (PowerPivotPro) and Bill Jelen (MrExcel) join forces in this combined sequel to their best-selling Power Pivot books. Alchemy sets aside the fundamentals of past books and provides a series of practical, easy-to-follow “patterns” for dozens of common analysis, reporting, and dashboarding needs. Three “bonus” chapters introduce you to the newer members of the “Power BI” family – Power Query, Power View, and Power Map. Whether you are starting your transformation from “old school” Excel User to Modern Data Professional or a veteran of the Power BI arts, this book will dramatically expand your data superpowers.

About the Author

A former Microsoft engineering leader, Rob Collie is an entrepreneur, author, and consultant who believes Excel is enjoying a renaissance in power and importance - a trend that provides massive opportunities for the millions of Excel practitioners worldwide. His passion is empowering and the Excel Professional to seize those opportunities. When he's not training, consulting, or writing, Rob can be found in his laboratory, devising new tools and techniques for the Excel community. He also operates the world's leading PowerPivot website (PowerPivotPro.com) and occasionally sleeps.
Bill Jelen is the host of MrExcel.com and the author of 43 books about Microsoft Excel. He is a Microsoft MVP in Excel and a contributor to Strategic Finance Magazine.

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