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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Python Programming Fundamentals

 Python Programming Fundamentals

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What this book says about python
➠ Python is one of the most simple and important the programming language. To run a Python program you need an interpreter. The Python interpreter is a program that can read a Python program and then executes the statements found in it as depicted in Fig. 1.1. While studying this text you will write many Python programs. Once your program is written and you are ready to try it you will tell the Python interpreter to execute your Python program so you can see what it does.
➠ For this process to work you must first have Python installed on your computer. Python is free and available for download from the internet. this book will take you through downloading and installing Python. Within the last few years there were some changes to the Python programming language between Python 2 and Python 3. The text will describe differences between the two versions of Python as they come up. In terms of learning to program, the differences between the two versions of Python are pretty minor.
➠ To write Python programs you need an editor to type in the program. It is convenient to have an editor that is designed for writing Python programs. An editor that is specifically designed for writing programs is called an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). An IDE is more than just an editor. It provides highlighting and indentation that can help as you write a program. It also provides a way to run your program straight from the editor. Since you will typically run your program many times as you write it, having a way to run it quickly is handy. This book uses the Wing IDE 101 in many of its examples. This IDE is simple to install and it's free for educational use. Wing IDE 101 is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and also for Linux.
➠ When learning to program and even as a seasoned professional, it can be advantageous to run your program using a tool called a debugger. A debugger allows you to run your program, stop it at any point, and inspect the state of the program to help you better understand what is happening as your program executes. The Wing IDE includes an integrated debugger for that purpose. There are certainly other IDEs that might be used and nothing presented in this book precludes you from using something else. Some examples of IDEs for Python development include Netbeans, Eclipse, Eric, and IDLE. Eric’s debugger is really quite nice and could serve as an alternative to Wing should Wing IDE 101 not be an option for some reason.
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