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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Learn Excel Visually – Excel Intermediate Formulae 2021


Learn Excel Visually – Excel Intermediate Formulae 2021

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The ‘Learn Excel Visually’ Journey

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Excel is the most important computer software program today.

Excel is relevant for all aspects of a business and honestly, it’s not hard to learn. Excel is a robust program but spreadsheets created by users are often fragile. Have you ever used Excel, submitted it and something was wrong, a slipped formulae or mistyped number? I know I have, countless times!

Apparently even smart people can have trouble mastering Excel! To be fair, you can’t track where the data came from, there is no quick way to follow the flow of data in a spreadsheet, mistakes are easy to make, but they are also easy to fix – the success of a spreadsheet is in the design and documentation.

The Learn Excel Visually journey is here to take you through the functions and usability of Excel. take the steps to invest in yourself and develop your Excel skills; it will make you much more marketable to your current and future employer or business. Capture data efficiently, cleanse it, analyse it meaningfully and present it with visual oomph. In short, take this journey in order to champion your skills and increase your value.

Learn Excel Visually – Excel Intermediate Formulae (Data Analysis)

Learn complex formulae to query and explore your data proficiently.

Data analysis is the process of developing answers from data. Ideally the data collection process was rigorous, complete and accurate and you have high quality data, however this is not always the case, therefore keep in mind when analysing the data that it may contain gaps or inconsistencies.

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