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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Free 3 Excel Weekly Status Report Templates 2021


Free 3 Excel Weekly Status Report Templates 2021


The weekly project status report excel template consists of 2 tabs Project Status and Data. 

Data tab - 

The data sheet in the report can be configured. You can set status, items. Count of risks, issues,Decisions, Actions, Changes,Dependencies,can also be edited.

Project Status tab -

Project status tab consists of project health card, project schedule, project financials and shows Top 5 items pending.

Project Health Card -

  • Project Health Card gives an insight on total health status of project.
  • You can add any number of project parameters which will be having its status and description in the template.

Project Schedule - 

  • This section displays list of tasks with their task name, start, finish,progress,projected date and concerns.
  • Projected date is a expected date of task completion and progress show the progress of task in graphical way.

Project Financials - 

  • This section shows the finances part of a project.
  • The input are planned spend and actual spend and output Variance is auto calculated and highlighted.

Top Pending items - 

  • This sections covers tasks other than financial and health parameters, these can be project risks, issues in project, Scope creep, project manager's decision. dependencies or any project actions which require attention.
  • Each items will be displayed with description,status and due date along with it count of all these items.
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