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Monday, January 18, 2021

Excel: Portable Genius


Excel: Portable Genius

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Author(s): Lisa A. Bucki

Year: 2020

If having hundreds of millions of users or more constitutes success,
then Excel meets that test. In my decades as a tech writer and editor, Excel
has led the competition in providing powerful yet accessible computational
and data capabilities. “Accessible” can be a relative term, however. For
some people, the hundreds of features in Excel can be intimidating. Others
may wrestle with the best ways to create formulas or manage lists of data.
Excel Portable Genius aims to help you answer nine key questions you may
come up against when using Excel. The book covers the Excel features that
you need to know, along with some others that you should want to know. I
try to get right to the point in describing features and steps, so you can
power through, problem‐solve on your own, and free up time for other
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