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Saturday, September 26, 2020

New easy Excel navigation shortcuts

New easy Excel navigation shortcuts
One of the ways to make it easier to work in Excel is to know the handy shortcuts for moving in a worksheet or within a workbook. Try these easy Excel navigation shortcuts (shared below) or watch this video to see how many of these shortcuts work in Excel:

Navigation Shortcuts

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  • Move by one cell in the direction of the arrow: [Right][Left][Up][Down]
  • Beginning of the row: [Home]
  • Beginning of the worksheet: [Ctrl] + [Home]
  • Last cell in your worksheet: [Ctrl] + [End]
  • Down one screen: [Page Down]
  • Up one screen: [Page Up]
  • Right one screen: [Alt] + [Page Down]
  • Left one screen: [Alt] + [Page Up]
  • Next sheet in the workbook: [Ctrl] + [Page Down]
  • Previous sheet in the workbook: [Ctrl] + [Page Up]
  • Up or down to the edge of current data region: [Ctrl] + [Up] or [Ctrl] + [Up]
  • Left or right to the edge of current data region: [Ctrl] + [Left] or [Ctrl] + [Right]
  • Go To specified cell or range: [F5] or [Ctrl] + G
  • Moves among unlocked cells in a protected worksheet: [Tab]
  • Switch between the worksheet, Ribbon, task pane, and Zoom controls: [F6] or [Shift] + [F6] to reverse
Which of these shortcuts will you add to your Excel toolbox? 
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