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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Business Analysis with Microsoft Excel and Power BI

Business Analysis with Microsoft Excel and Power BI
Conrad Carlberg
Gain Deeper Insights, Make Smarter Decisions, and Earn More Profits
It’s time to put the full power of Excel quantitative analysis behind your management decisions!
Business analysis expert Conrad Carlberg shows you how to use Excel to perform core financial tasks all managers and entrepreneurs need to master: analyzing statements, planning and controlling company finances, making investment decisions, and managing sales and marketing. Carlberg helps you make the most of Excel’s tools and features in everything from business case development to cash flow analysis.
Becoming an Excel expert has never been easier. You’ll find crystal-clear instructions, real-world examples, insider insights, step-by-step projects, and much more. It’s all complemented by extensive web-based resources, from sample journals and ledgers to business forecasting tools.
·         Get more insight from income statements and balance sheets
·         Manage current assets and value inventories
·         Summarize transactions from journal to balance sheet
·         Analyze working capital, cash flow, statements, and ratios
·         Optimize budgeting and planning cycles
·         Make more accurate and useful forecasts and projections
·         Measure product or service quality
·         Plan investments, set decision criteria, and perform sensitivity analyses
·         Analyze profits, pricing, costs, contributions, and margins
·         Make better decisions in uncertain conditions
·         Understand and maximize the value of fixed assets
·         Efficiently import and export business data
·         Use Excel and Power BI to analyze data from QuickBooks or other sources 
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