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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Formula to list weekends only

Formula to list weekends only

In a a world where everyday is Saturday or Sunday....
Here's a little puzzle for can you use Excel generate a list of dates that are weekends only? For example, a list of Saturday Sunday pairs like this:
Example list of weekend dates only
A couple years ago, I found and described a formula that will do it using the WEEKDAY function and some tricky date logic handled with IF:
With a date in A1, you can enter the formula in A2 and drag down to get your list of weekend dates.
This formula works fine, but it's overly complicated. As a smart reader pointed out recently, you can do the same thing with the WORKDAY.INTL function and a much simpler formula:
This takes advantage of what I call the "mask" feature of WORKDAY.INTL, which allows you to designate *any* day of the week as a weekend. The logic may seem a little backwards, but basically 1 means "weekend" and 0 means "not weekend". So, "1111100" effectively filters out all days except Saturday and Sunday by telling WORKDAY.INTL that Mon-Fri are weekends.
Using WORKDAY.INTL to generate weekend dates only
What I love about this example is how an initially complicated formula "collapses" into a simple solution.
Excel is full of hidden gems like this that can drastically simplify your work. The trick is of course is finding them :)
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