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Friday, December 11, 2020

[New 2020 free ebook PDF]A Definitive Guide to Microsoft Excel 2019 by Derrick Richard


A Definitive Guide to Microsoft Excel 2019 FOR THE ELDERLY: A Simple Guide to Microsoft Excel Formulas and Functions for Data Analysis, Accounting and Business Modeling For Senior Citizens

  • Length: 265 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher: Independently published

MICROSOFT EXCEL MADE EASY FOR THE ELDERLY LARGE PRINT. This book is intended for seniors looking to learn the basics of applying Excel’s robust Data analysis and statistical tools to their businesses or work activities. If understanding formulas and functions is a major challenge or you are not especially mathematically-inclined, or if you want a spreadsheet package to put your business or accounting needs together, then this is guide will help you.
Here you’ll learn how to use statistical tests and key data analysis using Excel 2019 without being confused by the underlying theory. This book clearly and methodically explains how to create and use Excel formulas and functions to solve everyday business problems.
Excel 2019 is a readily available computer program for business owners and people who need to keep proper accounting. It is also an effective tool for quantitative analysis in Accounting, data analysis and business modeling courses. Excel’s powerful numerical computational ability and graphical functions make learning this package a necessity.
This illustrative guide shows Excel’s capabilities and focuses on rendering the subject as simple as possible, appropriately and efficiently.
Some of the unique features of this book include:
•Steps to use Excel and a detailed explanation of each action so that you can understand how to apply them.
•Specific objectives for each Excel function and how to apply them in your business.
•Over 130 screenshots to help you carryout Excel calculations correctly
•Some practical examples and problems taken from real business models.
•Clear and straightforward explanation to Excel Functions and formulas without bogging you down with mathematical details.
•To create each Excel file used in the illustrations yourself. Note that you are expected to develop an Excel file for your business.
•Provision of ample practical illustrations on how to develop your Excel files.
•How to perform complex calculations, and create a database.
•You will also have insights to Excel features like Charts, Collaboration, Data Loss Protection, Smart Lookups, Text lines in a cell, Enhanced PivotTable, Multi-select Slicer, etc.
•A “List of Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcut Keys” is given in Appendix A.

This book is appropriate for Data Analysis, Business Modeling and Accounting. It also helps users who wish to understand the basics as well as advanced Excel Functions or improve their Excel Application.

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