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Thursday, May 7, 2020

[FREE EBOOK PDF]Excel Programming with VBA Starter by Robert Martin

[FREE EBOOK PDF]Excel Programming with VBA Starter by Robert Martin

Get started with programming in Excel using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Overview Extend and enhance your Excel spreadsheets using the power of Macros and VBA programming Get to grips with the VBA language to create professional spreadsheets. Follow practical examples to common problems that you will find yourself using time and time again. In Detail Do you have repetitive tasks that you would like to get rid of for good? Would you like to integrate Office Applications in order to streamline some of your tasks? Then look no further. This compact book will provide you with the knowledge to get your VBA programming off the ground and up to a comfortable cruising speed. "Excel Programming with VBA Starter" was born out of the need to have a short, but yet all-encompassing book that would give you a solid foundation in programming with Visual Basic for Applications. This book will enable you to harness the power of VBA in Excel and put it to good use throughout the course of your working day. Can't find properties and methods of an object? Don't know what a property, method or object is? Covering simple and advanced topics, create powerful, reusable examples such as IO, picking files from within Excel and automatically attaching them to e-mails. Learn and use the concept of encapsulation to condense code into bite-size methods to be easily accessed from within your projects, plus much more. What you will learn from this book Get started with recording and play macros Learn to use sub routines, with and without arguments Create user-defined functions (UDFs) Work with loops and effectively debug your code Use UDFs to describe arguments, create custom categories and more Reference external libraries and use them in your project Program interaction and sharing with other Office Applications Learn to work with enumeration Use advanced features and work with Windows APIs Create classes and hide away complex code Approach JS#12 This is a starter guide, covering the basics you need to get up and running as quickly as possible. Who this book is written for This book is written for users of Excel who want to speed up and streamline normally arduous tasks for maximum productivity.
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