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Thursday, April 23, 2020

[FREE EBOOK]Ocp Java Se 7 Programmer Ii Certification Guide: Prepare For The 1zo-804 Exam

[FREE EBOOK]Ocp Java Se 7 Programmer Ii Certification Guide: Prepare For The 1zo-804 Exam

I used this to prepare for the OCP7 exam and found it very detailed compared to other books claiming to prepare you for the exam. It is meticulous with very clear explanations, relevant examples and is very low on mistakes. All in all it is an excellent resource in the office not just for the exam for which i scored 76%. If you are thinking of taking the exam put plenty of time aside as you have to learn the level of detail you rarely use in employment. We are talking months not weeks. The next essential resource is the Enthuware OCP7 exams, you will struggle to pass without them also to practise. The Sierra/Bates OCA/OCP book has good coverage of the OCP exam but goes into less detail than the Gupta book which you will learn more from.
Although this book is essentially for preparing for OCP certification but I feel it is a great reference for anyone interested in learning Java 7 features. Oracle has been adding tons of features with each Java release and it is no mean task to keep up with them. Author has done a great job in providing adequate treatment to all topics. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.
High Points:
* Each chapter has well defined mapping with exam objectives, exam tips, sidebars and Twist in Tale
* Interesting illustrations which keep the reader focussed like Thread Lifecycle.
* Funny way to introduce concepts like overloading, exceptions. I loved the airplane example for exceptions.
* Inner details explained with decompiled code (For e.g. Enum)
* Good introduction to design patterns like Singleton, Factory, DAO, etc.
* Lucid explanation for Collections with interesting examples.
* Novel way to explain difference between Assertions and Exceptions.
* Review notes and sample exam questions at the end of each chapter.
Improvement Areas:
* Compiler errors can be in a different color.
* I think Page 249 has a typo erro. The phrase "Won’t compile; no way to pass argument to T" should be "Won’t compile; no way to pass argument T"
* More emphasis should be given to StringBuffer and StringBuilder as developers typically get confused in them.
* Exception Handling - More emphasis on why we should not catch Errors. Moreover, I dont think extending RuntimeException should be encouraged.
* Few examples for Java I/O.
* Concurrency is not an easy area so more detailed treatment with sufficient examples should be given.
* A consolidated mock paper in the end would help.
I feel this book would be good reference for preparing for OCP certification.
Disclaimer - Publisher gave me a copy of the eBook.
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