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Saturday, April 11, 2020

[FREE EBOOK]Architecting Hbase Applications

[FREE EBOOK]Architecting Hbase Applications

A Guidebook For Successful Development And Design (early Release)

Lots of HBase books, online HBase guides, and HBase mailing lists/forums are available if you need to know how HBase works. But if you want to take a deep dive into use cases, features, and troubleshooting, Architecting HBase Applications is the right source for you. With this book, you'll learn a controlled set of APIs that coincide with use-case examples and easily deployed use-case models, as well as sizing/best practices to help jump start your enterprise application development and deployment. Learn design patterns-and not just components-necessary for a successful HBase deployment Go in depth into all the HBase shell operations and API calls required to implement documented use cases Become familiar with the most common issues faced by HBase users, identify the causes, and understand the consequences Learn document-specific API calls that are tricky or very important for users Get use-case examples for every topic presented.
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