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Saturday, April 4, 2020

[FREE EBOOK PDF]Exploring The Limits of Excel

[FREE EBOOK PDF]Exploring The Limits of Excel


Exploring the limits of Excel is a survey trip to the boundaries of the most widely used spreadsheet software: Microsoft Excel. The book deals with the differences between actual Excel limits and claimed Excel errors, studying and analyzing Excel’s performance in extreme cases according to three complementary points of view: structural limits, operational limits and VBA limits.
Eloy Caballero writes, mostly in Spanish, about Excel and other spreadsheet software at: https://ideasexcel.com/ He is the author of several Excel utilities and add-ins, such as: Random Sample Generator ShuffleDraw, MaByCool, SelectEx and others. Eloy also writes (in Spanish) about science, superstition and communication at: https://areasubliminal.com/ And has published already two celebrated (at least in his native village) non-fiction books in Spanish: Ciencia, magia y religión en el Quijote La historia oculta del tiempo
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