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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Top 100 Useful Excel Macro [VBA] Codes Examples 2020

Top 100 Useful Excel Macro [VBA] Codes Examples 2020

Macro codes can save you a ton of time.
You can automate small as well as heavy tasks with VBA codes.
And do you know?
With the help of macros... can break all the limitations of Excel which you think Excel has.
And today, I have listed some of the useful codes examples to help you become more
productive in your day to day work.
You can use these codes even if you haven't used VBA before that.
But here's the first thing to know:
What is a Macro Code?
In Excel, macro code is a programming code which is written in VBA (Visual Basic for
Applications) language.
The idea behind using a macro code is to automate an action which you perform manually
in Excel, otherwise.
For example, you can use a code to print only a particular range of cells just with a single
click instead of selecting the range -> File Tab -> Print -> Print Select -> OK Button.
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