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Monday, March 2, 2020

Office 365 For Exchange Professionals: May 2015 Edition

Office 365 For Exchange Professionals: May 2015 Edition

*** Due to the amount of change that exists within Office 365 (over 450 updates in a year, according to Microsoft), this title is now obsolete. It is kept online to allow people to see the reviews for the first edition. However, we strongly advise you to purchase the second edition, which is now the current version and will be available on Kindle from September 30, 2015 ***
If you're interested in Office 365, Microsoft's cloud office system, this book is absolute essential reading. Some 90 million mailboxes are already running on the Exchange Online platform within Office 365 and the move to the cloud is gathering momentum all the time. You can find documentation about Office 365, Exchange Online, and associated technologies on TechNet or scattered across a set of blogs (some of which are great, others are not so good), or you can find it collected here in the single most comprehensive coverage of the topic. Office 365 for Exchange Professionals is written by three highly experienced Microsoft Exchange Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs). It is intended to be a guide for anyone involved with deployments of on-premises Exchange Server who is interested in moving some or all email workload to the cloud and is based on the experience of the writers in working with a range of customers since the introduction of Office 365 in June 2011. The book is broken down into 18 chapters and an appendix covering the finer points of directory synchronization, a topic that receives special in-depth attention because it is so critical to migration projects. The chapters are 1: Introducing Office 365. 2: Planning the move to Office 365 3: Migrating to Office 365 4: Managing hybrid connections 5: Managing Office 365 6: Managing Mailboxes 7: Distribution groups and Office 365 Groups 8: Managing Public Folders 9: Managing Addressing 10: Managing hybrid recipients 11: Managing mail flow 12: Office 365 clients 13: Retention policies 14: EDiscovery 15: Information Rights Management 16: Data Loss Prevention 17: Auditing Office 365 18: Making more of Office 365 with SharePoint, OneDrive, and Delve. The book is crammed full of practical examples (including many PowerShell code snippets) of how to work with Exchange Online and the other parts of Office 365. This version is accurate as of 1 May 2015. The intent of the authors is to update the book on a regular basis to match the development of Office 365. The next version is anticipated in September 2015 (no guarantee is given - everything depends on access to software and information from Microsoft). At that time, this version will be removed from Amazon and a new edition will be published.

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