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Sunday, March 1, 2020

[FREE EBOOK]Mastering Excel: Excel Apps

[FREE EBOOK]Mastering Excel: Excel Apps



This lesson covers how you can create custom functions in Excel. For example, you can create a function called MyBestCalc and use it in a cell in a worksheet or in a macro. Custom functions are a great way to package routine logic in a function that less experienced users can use. The example exercises in this lesson cover how to return a letter grade from a numerical score and optionally apply a curve, how to extract a part number from a text string and how to process a range in a function, how to handle multiple parameters and how to add custom descriptions to your functions.

Although this is lesson #11, you do not need to have all previous 10 lessons in the series to use this material. Any macro knowledge that you know can be incorporated into custom functions.

As with all my lessons, this one comes with a follow along workbook that you can use to practice what you read.

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