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Monday, March 23, 2020

[Free APK android App]Full Word Course | Word Tutorial


[Free APK android App]Full Word Course | Word Tutorial

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Full Word Course | Word Tutorial
Full Word Course | Word Tutorial

Note : This is not a Microsoft Corporation Application. This is just a Complete Word Tutorial Application.

This is a very use full Application for all Word Users
By using this Application may learn Word easily.
This Application having :

** Word Basic
- Highlighting techniques
- Opening Word Documents
- Add an address to a Letter
- Selling and grammar checking and many more

** Booklet
- Adding a cover page
- Adding a content page
- Working with section breaks
- Header and section breaks and many more

**Clip arts
- Inserting clip art
- How to resize and move clip art

** Copy paste
- Techniques for cutting text
- Cut and paste techniques
- Copy paste techniques

** Doc Collaboration
- Document collaboration
- Accepting and rejecting changes

** Formatting
- Crime statistics document
- Bold text
- Italics and underline
- Setting tab stop positions and many more

** Letter head
- Create a letterhead
- Adding columns to a page
- Saving word documents as a Templates

** Mail Merge
- Create a mail marge data source
- Create a mail merge letter

** Multipage Document
- Downloading a text file
- Setting up page margins and tab stops
- How to insert a text file
- Setting up headers and footers and many more

** Table
- Table in Microsoft word
- Table styles

** Word options
- Displaying the word options
- Changing the language settings
- Proofing options
- Advanced options and many more

** Word Shapes
- Word Shapes – create a logo
- Logo continued
- Word art
- Completing the logo
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