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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Where is the formula referring to???

I don’t remember  how many times I want to know where a formula is actually referring to, esp. when I need to spot what’s the formula doing.  If the worksheet is small, it’s manageable.  When the worksheet is huge or many sheets are involved, I wish I know a way to go to the range in a formula quickly in order to understand what the formula does.  Wait… do the techniques discussed in “Teleport in Excel” help?  Of course!
As a simple example below, I want to check what “Sheet6!A1:B6” contains (not evaluating the formula)
Simply check inside the formula bar
You should see the pop up info box (sorry that I don’t know the official name for such box)
Hover your cursor onto the description, e.g. table array, and click on itImage
Now the “table array” is selected in the formula bar  (note: this is a very useful technique for evaluating formula, esp. a long one)
With the “table array” selected, Press CTRL G
The Go to Dialogue box opens, with the “table array” pre-input in the References:
Now simply click OK to go to the “table array”, i.e. Sheet6!A1:B6 in this case

There you go.  So easy!
Press ESC to return (Note the formula bar is still active, you may revise your formula if needed)
Do you find it useful?  Feel free to leave your comments!
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