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Monday, February 24, 2020

Sharing Modern Angular Course Full Episode 2020

Sharing Modern Angular Course Full Episode 2020

Get ready with Angular v8.0! Learn how to build, test, and deploy your applications. The main topics such as: + Understand Angular's basic principles, including Components, Service, Pipe and Directives. + Create reusable components that you can plug-and-play to create complex, dynamic applications. + Understand the design and architecture of large applications, paying attention to the ability to maintain code. + Building modular apps that can be easily updated and changed. + Control performance by taking advantage of lazy loading, speeding up your application. + Take a look at the Description, for the first time will help you write the perfect code, instead of encountering errors in the browser. + Use RxJ to manage data declarations throughout your application, taking advantage of the integrated functions to convert your data. + Test your code with Angular's excellent testing framework. + Connect to backend databases like MySQL, Postgres or MS SQL Server to add data to your application. + Understand how security is handled in your Angular code. + ... And more!

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