[Free ebook]Next Generation Excel: Modeling in Excel for Analysts and MBAs-Isaac D. Gottlieb - KING OF EXCEL

Saturday, February 22, 2020

[Free ebook]Next Generation Excel: Modeling in Excel for Analysts and MBAs-Isaac D. Gottlieb

[Free ebook]Next Generation Excel: Modeling in Excel for Analysts and MBAs-Isaac D. Gottlieb



Product description

Rutgers professor, Dr. Isaac Gottlieb demonstrates an array of advanced financial and accounting functions in this practical Excel modeling book. He shows how to quickly create models that deliver accurate, relevant information related to efficiency, forecasting, and a host of other business and reporting issues. This book describes how Excel can be used efficiently to help build your spreadsheet for a variety of purposes. As an MBA student, an analyst or an executive you could become a spreadsheets expert.

From the Inside Flap

Next Generation Excel – Modeling in Excel for Analysts and MBAs is not just another "how to use Excel" book. The content of this book is the distillation of the feedback of many years of teaching, both in classrooms as well as corporate workshops settings. It is the author's conclusion that in studying applications, people do not want to read long complicated explanations. Therefore, this book is filled with short descriptions and multiple screenshots, to walk the reader through the different manipulations.
Excel is a very powerful—and extensive—software program. The intricacies can seem overwhelming to the casual user. This book is the answer to simplifying what might seem complicated. Using a step-by-step, hands-on approach, it will help anyone using the program discover many functions and achieve immediate results, quickly making efficient use of the power of the Excel options.
Some of the subjects covered in the book include:
  • Financial functions
  • Data mining using Pivot Tables
  • Statistics for non-statisticians
  • Accounting
  • What-if analysis, and many more.
      Each chapter is subject-specific and can be consulted independently from the others. By opening the book at any chapter, the reader will find valuable information for immediate efficiency improvement.
      Neither a beginner’s introductory book, nor a power-user's manual, Next Generation Excel—using Excel 2007, with explanations pertaining to Excel 2003 and previous versions when needed—is designed to appeal to analysts, executives, students, daily users as well as instructors in the software. All the techniques described have been extensively tested with students and workshop participants.
      Users at any level will benefit from the wealth of information within, easily and rapidly.

      From the Back Cover

      "Dr. Isaac Gottlieb personally trained 35 of our top analysts and finance professionals in a customized advanced Excel seminar. Many of the tools covered in this book were part of this well-received training. For the past five years, Isaac’s monthly Excel-Tip-Of-The-Month newsletter has been a personal favorite of mine. In an age where email overload is common, I always look forward to his email and many of my associates and team members around the world are part of his over 50,000 monthly recipients. This compilation is a must-have for any finance professional who wants to be a better business partner and truly add value in a more efficient manner!"
      Anthony N. Caspio, CMA
      Vice President - Finance
      Sealed Air Corporation
      "Excel has been one of the most powerful applications of recent times, but most users, unfortunately, only scratch its surface. Prof. Gottlieb’s book leverages his years of Excel workshops in the US, Europe and Asia, and he unleashes the tremendous potential and power of Excel. His to-the-point explanations and his innovative screenshots bring Excel alive to readers who may just have a working knowledge of the software. This amazing volume is an application-oriented book for Excel users who want answers fast, and who need to maximize the application’s awesome potential."
      Prof. Farrokh Langdana, Ph.D.
      Director, Rutgers Executive MBA
      Professor, Rutgers Business School
      "If I should thank Microsoft for inventing Excel, then I would like to thank Dr. Isaac Gottlieb more for teaching me how to use it to solve the real problems in my real work. Keep going Isaac!"
      Wu Haowen
      Director of International Programs
      School of Management, Dalian University of Technology
      "Isaac Gottlieb's Next Generation Excel is an invaluable resource. The fruit of many years of teaching Excel to university business students, Gottlieb’s book covers the topics that the Excel user needs to become more efficient and sophisticated. It is easy to read and follow. A wonderful book!"
      Simon Benninga
      Professor of Finance, Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University
      Author of Principles of Finance with Excel
      "As an avid user of Excel, several years ago I came across Isaac's Excel-Tip-Of-The-Month newsletter. I quickly realized that Isaac exploits Excel to the “next usability level.” Like his monthly newsletters, Isaac has composed a book that is clear and concise similarly reflecting his teaching methods. This book helps intermediate users to rapidly acquire Excel-pro skills, while allowing advanced users to grasp concepts in one single pass-through. Furthermore, Isaac takes day-to-day challenges and provides elegant ease of use solutions."
      Moshe Castiel
      Manager, IT – Technology & Operations
      "Next Generation Excel presents an interesting perspective on the resourcefulness of Microsoft Excel like never before. This book is an excellent and a much-needed resource to MBA students, educators and Excel enthusiasts. In reviewing this book, the principal criteria included content, organization and Excel add-on files. The book is neatly organized into sections; starting with basic Excel tools and functions, commonly used statistical tools, what-if-analysis and then moving on to advanced data features, solver-add ins and various other ToolPaks, nicely complemented with the Excel snapshots to provide a user friendly experience. As a result, one can jump directly to the relevant sections and use the Excel files provided to get a more hands-on experience. The right mix of theory and practice, is the unique selling point (USP) of this book!"
      Anirudha "Andy" Vaidya, MBACEO
      AVS System

      About the Author

      Isaac D. Gottlieb, Ph.D. is the Director of the International Executive MBA at Rutgers University Business School. He has been part of the teaching faculty for over 10 years, and is the recipient of a number of teaching excellence awards.
      Over the last decade, he has taught how to use Excel—and how to apply it effectively to various business disciplines—to thousands of MBA and Executive MBA students at Rutgers, NYU and Columbia University.
      He has also instructed Excel application in business settings to over 10,000 participants in corporate seminars, conferences and workshops. The participants are professionals from leading multinational companies as well as small private business corporations.
      Dr. Gottlieb has an Excel-Tip-Of-The-Month newsletter which goes to over 50,000 recipients.

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