[Free ebook]Mastering Excel Macros: Object Variables (Book 6)-Mark Moore - KING OF EXCEL

Thursday, November 25, 2021

[Free ebook]Mastering Excel Macros: Object Variables (Book 6)-Mark Moore

[Free ebook]Mastering Excel Macros: Object Variables (Book 6)-Mark Moore



This lesson is a big step. You will learn about object variables. These are variables that are not numbers, not text but entire objects (worksheets, workbooks, etc.) that you can create and then manipulate as needed. In the follow along workbook in this lesson, you will have a list of customers and write a macro that will create a new invoice, in a new workbook, for each customer.

As with all the other lessons, there is a sample workbook you can get from my website to follow along with the exercises.

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    Mark Moore
    I like Excel. I'm pretty good at Excel. I've been working in corporate finance for a looong time (over 15 years). I studied Finance in college and I also went to graduate school (I say this for the people who are really concerned about my 'qualifications').

    I want to make you an Excel rock star. It doesn't matter what industry you are in, you need to get better at Excel. Excel is THE killer application used in business. Don't cower in the corner when someone mentions Excel! You're better than that! Stand proud, laugh derisively and yell, 'I can do that, and more, in Excel!" You may want to wave your arms around melodramatically for added effect.

    Before you do that though, buy my lessons. If you don't, you're kind of putting the cart before the horse. FIRST buy and read my lessons, THEN do the laughing thing.

    The lessons are short. That is by design. One lesson = one topic. No fluff. I don't like fluff in my Excel. Fluff on kittens and ferrets, ok that's acceptable. In an Excel book? Nope. You're just going to get the info you need on one topic. Learn it and use it when you are done. No muss, no fuss.

    Ohh yeah, each lesson comes with a few Excel workbooks so you can work through the exercises. Practice makes perfect!

    Finally, you can also email me with any questions you have. I've helped many readers with their Excel problems. Don't be shy. Ask away.

    OK, enough about me. Well not really, this is MY author page isn't it? It's ALL ABOUT ME!

    *This author page is not to be considered a reflection of the content of Mark Moore's Excel lessons. Mark tones down his 'personality' while writing his lessons. However, a few jokes have been known to sneak past the editors and into the lessons.

    The lessons are good. Seriously. Look at the reviews.

    Author tidbit: I never learned how to type. After years of bad typing, my fingers are now habituated to typing 'teh' instead of 'the'. I HATE it.

    Does anyone really read these author bio's?
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